Announcing Tenant Switcher in Power Apps Mobile
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Mar 15, 2023 6:14 PM

Announcing Tenant Switcher in Power Apps Mobile

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Users can easily switch to a different directory, when using Power Apps on phones or tablets without logging out.

Cross-company projects are possible. On all of their devices, users must be able to access all of the apps that have been shared with them by any tenant. Power Apps users can share applications with visitors from other tenants in several situations.

I'm delighted to report that using shared applications on mobile devices for visitors is now quite simple.

While utilizing Power Apps on phones or tablets, users may quickly go to a new directory without signing out. Users can choose any directory to see applications shared with them as a guest user by selecting it from the list of directories they have access to on their profile page.

Announcing Tenant Switcher in Power Apps Mobile | Microsoft Power Apps

Users no longer need to sign out of Power Apps to switch tenants. Users can now access shared apps from the drop-down list. Drop down list of available tenants.

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