All About the Latest Version of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module
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Nov 17, 2022 6:54 PM

All About the Latest Version of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module

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Tony Redmond give you on his blog a overview of all version

Current Version of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module is 4.9.1

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Teams PowerShell Module - Supported Versions

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module (TPM) versions in the 4.x.x series or later are the only versions supported now. All earlier versions are fully retired in commercial environments since June 15, 2022 & will stop working (Message center post for reference - MC350371).

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Release Notes

  • Releases Application-based authentication support in Connect-MicrosoftTeams in GA. More details in Application-based authentication in Teams PowerShell Module.
  • Contains a new implementation of New|Get|Set|Remove-CsTeamsChannelsPolicy and New|Get|Set|Remove-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy. Functionality remains the same as previous implementation.
  • Adds UseNewTeamsClient parameter to TeamsUpdateManagementPolicy.
  • Adds EnablePrivateTeamDiscovery parameter to TeamsChannelsPolicy.
  • Fixes issues with authentication token not refreshing for some policy cmdlets.
  • Fixes issues where display format was broken for some cmdlets.
  • Adds SipProxyAddress, TeamsMediaLoggingPolicy, CountryAbbreviation, UserValidationErrors and WhenCreated attributes in Get-CsOnlineUser output when run without -Identity parameter. Out of these attributes, CountryAbbreviation, UserValidationErros and WhenCreated will not show any values yet. These will be gradually rolled out, more details in Get-CsOnlineUser.