Jan 5, 2022 5:02 PM

Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services

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Microsoft is helping to reshape the automotive industry in the way it serves its drivers with in-vehicle infotainment systems. Together with the car manufacturers, Microsoft is creating new driving…

Microsoft recently partnered with XPeng with the goal of improving the AI voice experience for car users. One leap forward here are the improvements regarding expressive voices. The text-to-speech engine provides natural and fluent voices which are comparable to human voices. However, this is not limited to the English language. Microsoft's goal here is, to provide these technologies globally. Recently, the milestone of over 100 hundred languages was reached. Furthermore, the text-to-speech sytem offers several speaking styles, which include customer service, newscast and chat. Whereas Microsoft already offers a wide range of available voices for synthetic speech generation, it is also supported to create a custom (branded) voice to increase brand recognition for automotive companies to support higher brand recognition. While Microsoft advances the progress in this field, they also emphasize to use safeguards and guidelines against misuse of the technology and for respecting as well as protecting the rights of individuals and the society.