3 reasons Planner Loop components are a big deal
Jul 4, 2023 10:00 AM

3 reasons Planner Loop components are a big deal

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Announcing the Planner Loop Component, so you can host your Planner plans anywhere in Microsoft 365!

Microsoft has suddenly announced a new component in Planner named the Planner Loop. With this new development, you can effectively use your Planner plans anywhere within Microsoft 365. Some of the uses for this new component include utilizing Planner plans across the M365 spectrum, using Planner alongside other Loop content, and integrating with other apps and Loop components. Practically, the Planner Loop can be a game-changer in how we use Microsoft 365.

  • The announcement of the Planner Loop was officially made on a YouTube channel, where its benefits and uses were extensively explained.
Microsoft has released a public preview of the Loop app, a transformative co-creation tool that merges teams, content, and tasks for enhanced collaboration.
Loop syncs tasks across various Microsoft 365 apps like Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and the Tasks app in Teams.
In a Loop workspace, tasks can be inserted and assigned to users. These tasks are kept in sync across all Microsoft 365 applications where the task list has been shared. As changes are made or tasks completed, updates are reflected everywhere.
Loop tasks are integrated with Microsoft Planner for improved team task management. Tasks can be viewed and edited in Planner, and all changes sync back to the Loop page. It's possible to change the task title, due date, and assignees via Planner. Other Planner capabilities like adding labels and notes can also be used.
The tasks from Loop workspaces are visible in Microsoft To Do as well. Users can manage these tasks using the features of the To Do app. For those not seeing tasks created in Loop in other Microsoft 365 apps, they may need to consult with their tenant admin to enable the Task sync experience.

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The Planner Loop component of Microsoft 365 is more than just another feature; it is a functional add-on that enhances teamwork and productivity. It allows for seamless integration of Planner Plans across different apps and Loop content. This versatility makes it indispensable for navigating the Microsoft 365 environment expertly. The availability of on-demand courses on the subject provide an opportunity to learn deeper and better about this component.

Learn about 3 reasons Planner Loop components are a big deal - #NewInLoop

The Planner Loop Component is a big deal because it allows users to host their Planner plans anywhere in Microsoft 365. This component enables users to use Planner plans across M365, as well as use Planner alongside other Loop content and other applications. It also provides an on-demand course to those who want to learn more, and users can subscribe to the Modern Work Mentor newsletter and book time to work on their personal productivity. This new component is a great way to expand the capabilities of Planner and Microsoft 365.

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