10 Power Apps Code Examples To Improve Your Coding Style by Matthew
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Jul 19, 2022 3:58 PM

10 Power Apps Code Examples To Improve Your Coding Style by Matthew

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As a programmer, I can constantly improve. It's nice when an expert gives insight into his years of experience how a good code can look like. Matthew gives 10 super good tips to improve your code

Matthew: “You, my fellow human, are about to become better at writing Power Apps code.

By following a coding standard you can make your apps easier to maintain and have less bugs. High-quality code is simple to read. It follows a consistent pattern. Your goal is to write code that is simple for other developers and your “future-self “to understand.”

  1. Use The WITH Function
  2. Apply Automatic Formatting
  3. Write Helpful Comments
  4. Flatten Nested IF Functions
  5. Have A Consistent Naming Convention For Controls & Variables
  6. Join Text Strings And Variables
  7. Choose Consistent Logical Operators
  8. Remove IF Statements When The Result Is A True Or False Value
  9. Simplify Logical Comparisons When Evaluating A Boolean
  10. Substitute The Self Operator For The Current Control Name

With function in Power Apps


Automatically format your formula!!


Comment your PowerApps code!


Flatten Nested IF Functions


Power Apps Canvas App Coding Standards: Naming Conventions


Join Text Strings And Variables


$-Strings: A Better Way To Concatenate Text Strings In Power Apps


Choose Consistent Logical Operators


Operators and Identifiers in Power Apps


Patch function in Power Apps