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Jun 4, 2022 12:00 AM

10 New features in Microsoft Teams you will love

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There's always something new happening in Teams. This time again a video with ten new functions that you should know to make your daily work easier by Ready Steady Excel

Ready Steady Excel

”Today I will show you 10 new features in Microsoft Teams. There are new updates in Chats, Calendar, Meetings, Channels, OneDrive, Settings and you can even make yourself look younger on screen....but no promises!”

In this video

  • New Chat Feature 1
  • New Chat Feature 2
  • New Calendar Feature
  • New Meeting Settings 1
  • New Meeting Settings 2
  • New Presenter Feature
  • How to improve Teams Connectivity
  • Teams files in OneDrive
  • Set File Opening Preferences
  • 10th New S Teams Feature