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Top 10 New Features in Power Automate (2022)
Sep 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Top 10 New Features in Power Automate (2022)

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Power Automate Tutorial showcasing the top 10 New Flow features for 2022 Sort expression, Solution flows, Run History Columns

Power Automate New feature include a bunch of new flow expression functions like Sort, Reverse, Chunk, IsInt, IsFloat, dateDifference, parseDateTime, nthIndexOf, slice & updates to formatDateTime, Undo & Redo in Cloud flows, Flow history edit columns experience, Bulk cancel or resubmit flow run(s), Improve cloud flows with process insights, Power Apps (V2) trigger, Solution flow improvements, Restore deleted flows, change flow ownership, New Expression Editor experience & flow maker portal URL update.

Keeping up to date with the latest on the Power Platform is a challenge & I hope this video series has you covered on the recent flow updates.

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What's New in Power Automate flows:

✅ New Logic Apps (Power Automate flow) Functions like Sort & Reverse arrays, etc.

✅ Flow run history column customization

✅ Bulk cancel & resubmit flow runs

✅ Solution cloud flow improvements

✅ Undo and redo in flow

✅ Power Automate flow Maker Portal URL Update

✅ Improve cloud flows with process insights (process advisor)

✅ Flow licensing information

✅ Restore deleted flows

✅ Power Automate Pane (PowerApps V2 trigger in flow)

Announcing Deeper SAP Integration for the Power Platform

We are excited to announce the Public Preview of a broad set of new functionality in the Power Platform that will make it easier for organizations running SAP to digitally transform and automate their business processes.

Reference guide to workflow expression functions in Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate

For workflow definitions in Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate, some expressions get their values from runtime actions that might not yet exist when your workflow starts running.

Troubleshoot common issues with triggers

Once you build and deploy your flows, you might need to debug specific flow runs to confirm that your flow ran as expected.

Improve cloud flows with process insights (preview)

This article allows you to experience how to improve your cloud flows with process insights.

Change owner of a solution flow

You can now reassign a solution flow to a new owner from the Power Automate portal. This feature enables owners, co-owners, and admins to change the owner of a solution flow to enable business continuity when the original owner is switching teams or leaving the organization.

Restore deleted flows

If you or someone else accidentally deletes a flow that isn't part of a solution, you can restore it within 28 days of deletion.